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ImageFriendship through sports has become a foundation of the club. We all believe that sports will strengthen our friendship, promote a healthy lifestyle and help us enjoy life.

Sydney Jokers is a club composed of Filipinos and Australians residing in Sydney Australia. We hold regular Sunday games at Woodville, Georges River, Fairfield and Richmond GC's as shown in the "Weekly Games" section of our web site. We maintain our own club handicap, hold club and open tournaments and gather at the end of the year to celebrate Christmas with our families and friends. We recognise and reward club members for their merits and achievements and these include "Player of the Year", "Hole in One", "Most Improved Golfer" and many more…..

We participate in the Annual Interclub competition where we send 21 of our strongest knights to compete against six other golf clubs vying for the title "The Champions"

If you are a golfer, wanting to be a golfer or even planning to try the game we love most then you are invited to experience a fun-filled game of golf with us. Please check the club's schedule and present yourself to the group. You are most welcome to share the Jokers experience that we habitually cherish!

Member of SICGOC

indySydney Jokers Social Golf Club is a member of Sydney Inter-club Golf Organising Committee (SICGOC) the organiser for the Annual Sydney inter-club competition. With five (5) social club members which competes annually on the last Sunday of October every year.

Member Clubs: Fil-Oz, Sydney Jokers, Par-E, Hampaslupa and FairGolf.

Note*: Image is not an official logo of SICGOC it just there to catch your attention

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